About WLCart

As a company we are focused on developing the best possible online commerce system with a rich and robust drop shipping online solutions.

We have an experienced team of developers and experts who will work along side of you to perfect your offer.  This means you will have plenty of opportunity to provide feedback and fine tune this incredible system to your specific needs.

Some key features of our system,

  • Automation of new reseller stores.  Just add a domain name and click a button and the system opens a new hosting package and installs all files, pictures, and information to instantly create a new reseller store ready for sell.  Resellers do not need to download any files or populate any database or spreadsheet.
  • Pricing.  Our system is very dynamic when it comes to pricing.  You as a distributor can set reseller's prices per product separately for every product and every reseller.  Resellers can mark up their own margins on any product you offer them within limits you set for each reseller.   Our system records and calculates each sell made through a reseller.
  • Inventory.  Although your network of online stores can have many shops, the inventory is controlled through one central location.  Our system does not update inventory weekly, daily, or even hourly, it updates instantly!  In addition, products can be set separately for every reseller.  That means you can offer whatever products to whatever reseller you want.  In addition you can dive down one more level and let the resellers select to sell any product from the products you offer to them.  Complete control!
  • Order automation.   If a customer places an order through a reseller, that order automatically pushes to you as a distributor.  Resellers do not have to manually check their orders and then redirect that order to the distributor.  This processes is seamless to the customer, you can even print out packing slips unique to each reseller.
  • SEO friendly.

We built the system on CRE to start with, because it is a well established, robust and easy to use open source solution.  So you still get all the benefits of the many modules available from this open source community.  Reseller will love this system because it is so easy for them to use.   They don't have to manually deal with many aspects typically associated with drop shipping, freeing them to market their store instead of running their store.  Distributors can also go about their business in an easy manner.  The automation takes care of so much saving time and money.





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