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WLCart's Exclusive Catalog Price Calculator

Recalculate thousands of product prices in under a second!

Do not let fluctuating price of materials keep you from operating an online business.

How it works

Every product can have a unique formula to calculate that product's price.

From there, if a change of material cost occurs, simply run our calculator and update the price of every product in your catalog to reflect the new price.

We can also futher automate this process to update prices based on market material cost such as the price of silver, making your prices hand free, dynamic, and always current no matter in market changes.

You can calculate price per category or per product.

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In the below example, we use s to represent the price of silver per gram. We created a few formulas to give you and idea of how it works, but remember, in your store you can create any formulas or variables you wish.

Change the value of s and press "calculate" to see how it works.

Example of price calculations

Price of Silver Per Gram: s=
Formula: 2*s = 3.6
Formula: 3+s = 4.8
Formula: 0.9*s + 2.1 = 3.72
Formula: 5 = (independent of silver) 5

You have complete control

Imagine, you apply the above logic to as many products as you wish. You create the formulas, you create the variables. Next time the price of material forces a change of all your products, no problem!

Works with all shopping carts