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Automatic Price Calculation

sets the stage for an effective online presence
Why? Because the internet is a great market, for existing customers and new customers.

Who?Jewelry manufactures who calculate sale price based on material cost, such as today's silver price.

How?Automatic, how easy is that? Manufactures have formulas they use to calculate prices. Ususally they take the price of material, labor, and then add a profit. Wlcart's price automation lets you set those formulas once for each product or each category. After that, when material cost changes, such as the price of silver, our system can re-caculate your catalog prices.

Benefits? Plenty! Prices on your website will stay up to date. Customers will love that they can always get the current prices of your full catalog at anytime. Existing customers will have an easy and time saving way to browse your products and make purchases based on up to date information.

You can also use your online catalog to find new customers.

You as a manufacture will save time and work too, since our system relies on super automation you simply set up your pricing structure once and we will do the rest.

If you use a spreadsheet to set up your pricing, this is very similar, but part of online, full featured, e-commerce shopping cart.
Example calculations with silver price = 1.31 $ per gram
w=weight of the product

Product Weight Formula Price
one 3 grams s*w $3.93
two 3 grams (s*w + 1.02) $4.95
three 3 grams (s*w + 1.02)*2 $9.90
four 3 grams 8.23 $8.23

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set the price of silver and calculate new prices
Example calculations with silver price = $ per gram

Product Weight Formula Price
one 3 grams s*w $4.80
two 3 grams (s*w + 1.02) $5.82
three 3 grams (s*w + 1.02)*2 $11.64
four 3 grams 8.23 $8.23

set formulas from simple to complex, with up to 50 variables

synchronize with external scripts, data-feeds or websites

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